Dragon® Medical - any EHR

PBSI is an authorized partner for
Dragon® Medical, the world's leading speech recognition software



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  • Integrates with PBSI–EHR for speak-to-text encounters
  • Easy start up – 15 minutes of training, ready to use
  • 90 medical specialty vocabularies and sub-specialties
  • Review “transcribed” text in real-time while speaking
  • Create voice shortcuts (e.g.: “normal exam”)
  • Usable with current technology: Tablet PC, laptop, or desktop
  • Windows navigation using speech– control applications
  • Two choices:
    • Dictate directly to PC for real-time transcription, or
    • Dictate to a digital recorder for transcription text edits instead of typing
  • Speed – most people speak 120 wpm but type < 40 wpm
  • Accurate – up to 99% accuracy
  • Instant availability of clinical documents
  • Reduce or eliminate transcription cost and turnaround time
  • Ease adoption of EHR
  • "Once and Done" clinical notes
Quickly adapts to your voice and speech patterns, gets smarter the more you use it!