For 36 years, PBSI Software Solutions has built a solid reputation among hundreds of clients in Ohio, Kentucky, and Indiana by focusing on helping clients achieve success.  This is not just a mission statement - it is a way of behaving
PBSI’s goal is to be an extension of each client’s management team, providing advanced technologies, software products, and knowledge, permitting each client to operate more profitably by sharing the total cost of talent. If each client can avoid some fixed payroll costs because of their relationship with PBSI – we’ve really accomplished something important.
PBSI opened its doors in 1983, with a handful of employees employees and a handful of clients. In the years since, clients have seen PBSI grow in depth, talent, and size. Today, PBSI employs dozens of staff members, having become one of the oldest, most successful technology services companies in the Midwest – Helping clients achieve success for over 30 years