PBSI Software Solutions Inc

Letter from CEO

As you know very well, success in managing an organization today requires advanced information systems. For over 30 years, we at PBSI have been investing actively in research and development to provide state-of-the-art systems that address client needs.


Thank you for your interest in PBSI's products and services. As you review PBSI's offerings, I invite you to spend some time talking with PBSI clients. How has their organization changed since beginning their partnership with PBSI? I believe you will hear how PBSI's continued focus on client results has changed their organization for the better. We understand that the only meaningful measurement of PBSI's success is revealed in client bottom line results.


Uncompromising services, exceptional product quality, and caring about people are the cornerstones of PBSI's reputation with clients, and are critical to both of our long-term success. To me, each client is an important business partner, not a number on a list. To those who have placed their faith and trust in PBSI, we owe nothing less than the very best.


My commitment to you: You can depend on PBSI to deliver, focusing on your success, not just your technology. I invite you to visit PBSI and personally evaluate how quality is put into action, every day.


Thank you for your consideration of PBSI.


Ray Cool, CEO
PBSI Software Solutions Inc