PBSI Software Solutions Inc

PBSI Mission Statement

Principles –
At PBSI, we are committed to the principles of integrity, honesty, fairness, and reliability. While profits are important, we will not make profits at the expense of these principles.
Employees – We are committed to providing a friendly, professional working environment that respects and values each employee, with equal opportunity for all, providing a stable source of income for the families of those who make PBSI what it is. We will not provide for a customer any service that comes at the expense of the respect and dignity due each employee.
Customers – We are committed to providing unequaled excellence in both products and service to our customers. We value the importance of meeting commitments not because of the impact on future profits, but because we owe this to customers who have put their trust in us, who need help that only PBSI can provide.
Communications – We will make every effort to listen and respond effectively to each customer and fellow employee. We will be known for our attentiveness in follow-up, being diligent to follow through on every request. Effective communication is critical to our success.
Excellence – We are committed to continually reexamining our products, services, policies and procedures to always find a better way. We will be the best at everything we do. We will do this because, in line with our principles, this is what our employees and our customers deserve.
Mission – PBSI's core business is in helping clients solve business and management problems by providing highest quality tools (hardware and software) and expertise about the use of those tools, so that clients can benefit from computer technology, without needing to duplicate PBSI's expertise. It is our goal to be a dependable, long-term partner to each client, becoming an extension of their business. PBSI derives all of its products and services from this mission.