Accounts Payable

Handle Accounts Payable functions from invoice entry and editing, to check reconciliation, to management reporting, all quickly and efficiently. Accounts Payable integrates with other Profit Manager modules (Purchasing, Inventory Control, General Ledger, and Extended Work Order System (Job Costing)), eliminating manual input and duplication of entries.
  • Multiple period accounting allows recording invoices against multiple fiscal months simultaneously – post to a prior month without delaying current month entries.
  • Flexible payment selection – Select invoices for payment by date range, by vendor, or by invoice.
  • Recurring payables: Generate the payable each month with a predefined stop date.
  • Adjustable expense distributions among 99 different General Ledger accounts.
  • Vendor invoice inquiry provides complete information at your fingertips – a good tool to have when a vendor calls to discuss an invoice.
  • Due invoices not to be paid, Aged trial balance, Vendor analysis, 1099 Forms, these are just a few of the reporting tools available to you through the Accounts Payable module.
Report current and future cash needs anytime, including a summary of biweekly commitments for the next two months.