Bill of Materials

Enter and display one level physical bill records then display and report multi-level explodes and implodes (where-used). Profit Manager permits up to 99 levels. Explosions, and where-used inquires, are extremely quick due to Profit Manager's efficient method of indexing.
The BOM module includes a Features & Options Product Configuator that works hand-in-hand with order entry to select the basic product then choose the specific features and options desired by your customers.
  • Global change, or replace, an item in any bill where the item exists. Can be done on a simulated basis for what-if costing.
  • Set up and share phantom bills among many parent items. Inventory is relieved as if this phantom bill did not exist.
  • Pre-kit inquiry permits display of component availability before entering a production plan for an item – an excellent at-a-glance planning tool!
  • Costed BOM: Profit Manager can produce a costed bill, detailing the source of each item of materials, labor, or other cost. Cost roll up includes labor/material roll up, a phantom bill of material treatment, and make/buy treatment where component costs can be optionally ignored for buy items.