Issue work orders, develop schedules, and track material movement and costs associated with the manufacturing process. EWOS is a full shop floor control and labor tracking system well suited for make-to-order, make-to-stock, or a combination of these process methods. Includes many EWOS management reports to help you evaluate missing costs, examine variances from standard, check material shortages, and analyze work center capacity.
  • Easily record material and labor costs to permit fast and easy actual to estimate reporting.
  • Detailed operation-by-operation work order status.
  • Display actual costs compared with expected costs for material, setup, production labor, purchased materials, outside processing, and burden.
  • Large job with sub-jobs: Accumulate workorders under a master workorder.
  • Tracks the location and status of each work order, and upon request, can display or print queued jobs at each work center.
  • EWOS provides for phantom bills, permitting grouping of items for engineering convenience.
  • Includes a flexible and sophisticated capacity planning subsystem.
  • Optional 1-Step Work Orders. EWOS takes care of picking the material, receiving the item into finished goods, and recording the standard labor and burden – all in one quick easy step.