Inventory Control

Insure you have adequate inventory to meet your customers' needs. Maintain your inventory at optimum levels, track product usage and costs. Inventory can tie up significant money and resources, Profit Manager furnishes complete information about your inventory value, provides forecast of expected usage, proposes proper stock levels, and suggests changes as usage rises or falls. The IC module is the perfect tool for inventory tracking.
  • Multi-stock locations: Stock items at different locations or warehouses.
  • Track usage at each location, housing varying stock levels at each.
  • Supports optional item serial control.
  • Warehouse –to–warehouse transfers.
  • Track items sold in multiple units of measure. Profit Manager automatically transfers the required quantity from the 'case' item to the 'each' item.
  • Select auto or manual price markup using a variety of markup options including user defined what-if cost or valuation cost.
  • Flexible cost methods (standard or average).
  • Choose cycle counting, physical inventory count by audit tag, or tag/lot physical inventory for monitoring inventory levels.
  • Capture physical counts, and import into the IC module, using portable bar code scanners or hand-held computers.