Master Production Scheduling

For companies with long-term customer purchase commitments, optional MPS works hand-in-hand with the MRP module to help you avoid shortages, costly expediting, last minute scheduling, and inefficient allocation of resources. MPS allows scheduling any independent demand item whether for finished goods, service parts, or other.
  • Profit Manager allows up to 24 production planning periods, broken down into weekly, biweekly, or monthly to expand the planning range up to 2 years.
  • Easy schedule revisions through single screen entry.
  • Using a “same-as” concept, plan master scheduled items by creating a schedule for an optional item that is a percentage of a master scheduled item–reduces the number of master scheduled items by eliminating the need to master schedule exact combinations of optional items.
  • As each forecasting period becomes history, you can have Profit Manager automatically extend the master schedule for each item with identical planned quantities.