MRP – Material Requirements Planning

Managing the balance between supply and demand, the MRP module provides a comprehensive analysis of materials, including suggested action for balance restoration. MRP helps you to reduce inventory, increase productivity, and ultimately step up cash flow.
  • No data entry required. As activities take place in other Profit Manager modules, Profit Manager automatically send the activities to MRP.
  • Track requirements at multiple sites.
  • Choice of net change or regeneration of schedule updates.
  • Detection of unfilled requirements creates firm or planned requirements for components with dates based on purchasing and production lead times.
  • Predicts shortages with each requirement's source clearly labeled.
  • Summarization into time series for reporting along with retention of supply and demand transactions in full detail.
  • Automatic extension of the master schedule with identical planned quantities for each item, or choose to plan future master schedule quantities manually.
“Right material – to the right place – at the right time”