Profit Manager's router master file includes a detailed sequence of the operations to be performed to produce an assembly plus information to calculate work center loads, manufacturing lead time, and standard production costs.
When used to its full potential, the Routing module integrates with the BOM to provide continuous awareness of labor cost changes that impact your profitability of a product line. When integrated with the EWOS module, the routing application provides the data automatically to queue partially completed jobs to the next operation. Also computes shop loads and production lead times for expediting high priority jobs.
  • Easily create new routers from existing routes and change as needed.
  • Performs quick cost rollups that recalculate expected costs of items, individually or by groups.
  • Accommodates different labor or machine rates for each operation for accurate cost estimating even in environments where labor rates vary substantially in different areas of the shop.
  • For job shops, or product manufacturing, operators can easily use the Routing module for one-of-a-kind items, or for repetitive products.