Sales Call

Sales Call is an excellent tool for tracking your sales contacts, types of sales calls, types of businesses contacted, salesperson data, and advertising information. The Sales Call module provides an inquiry to pending calls and retains customer history by salesperson. Automate creation of new contacts through an optional interface to Order Entry.
Replacing manual sales follow-up methods with Sales Call insures company ownership and retention of a valuable asset – your customer and prospect base.
  • Multiple salespersons can maintain their own calls due list while sharing the same customer data base.
  • Display online, or print, calls to-be-made for each salesperson, credit manager, customer service representative, etc. at any time.
  • Retain unlimited account history comments, in date sequence.
  • Produce a report of calls made for each salesperson, including comments. This permits easy review of the quality, and the quantity, of calls made.
  • Analysis Reporting is available by zip codes, SIC codes, salesperson, prospects, and advertising by product line.
  • Sales letter generation: Easily select groups of accounts for mass mailing of merged letters, labels, and/or envelopes.
  • Export comma delimited files that can be used in other software such as word processors, spreadsheets, other label printing, etc.