Tag Lot Control


One module – Three separate business functions.
1. Multi–Location Control
  • Track item balances in multiple locations. Auto-receive to default locations for PO or WO receipts. From Inventory summary, drill down into balances by location. Includes user defined location names – controlled temporary locations.
  • Pick tickets with suggested locations. Flexible selection of orders ready to be picked. Autp-allocation logic designed to minimize picks.
2. Heat or Lot Traceability (Control)
  • User controlled search logic.
  • Pop-up window selection of specific heat#/lot# from every inventory screen.
  • Track heat/lot history even when item numbers change through value-add processes.
  • Optional certification tracking.
3. Optional Dimension Control
  • User defined shapes, up to four prompts for each shape (e.g.: height/width/thickness, or diameter/thickness). Multiples pricing units of measure – standard and optional pricing by various methods (SF, SI, LB, etc.).
  • Dimensioning integrates with all entry and inquiry screens. Drill into available shapes from every inventory inquiry. Track devalued smaller remnants. All dimensioned items display in “use-first” logic.
“Profit Manager's Tag Lot Control has definitely improved our inventory control and visibility of inventory items on the shop floor. We are very pleased.” -Gray America Corp., Dayton OH