Internet Agent Services

Are you paying too much for internet and phones?

If you have not had your dial-tone and/or internet bundle evaluated within the past 2 years,
you will almost certainly receive improved service, and reduced monthly costs.
How? Schedule a free analysis of your phones and internet service by a multi-carrier agent
What does an Internet Agent do?

Acts on behalf of a business to get competitive quotes from multi-carriers, almost always reducing monthly cost for end user Agent services are FREE.

  • End user business always pays lowest possible monthly fee
  • End user business pays the same monthly fee, regardless if quoted by Agent or Carrier
  • Carrier pays Agent a percent of monthly fee – end user fee is unaffected


How can PBSI help you as an Internet Agent?

PBSI can provide Free analysis of your current phone and internet service

  • You receive free quotes from various phone & internet carriers
  • PBSI compares your current costs with all available carriers.
  • No obligation – only change if in your best interest
  • Benefit to you of free analysis
  • Usually - Reduce monthly costs for phones and internet service
  • Usually - Receive higher internet bandwidth



Get your FIRST quote from a multi-carrier agent.  Why?

  • Phone & Internet providers won’t alert you to available cost reductions – PBSI will.
  • PBSI will get multi-carriers to quote competitively, and they know they are in a competitive bid process
  • Carriers, when asked to quote or re-quote services, frequently quote “profitable” services over “most-cost-effective” services
  • Understand this universal carrier policy: First quote issued is the lowest quote you can receive.
  • You must lock in your lowest bid first, or lose the benefit of competition in reducing prices.
  • A typical client with 10 or more phones will save $100-300 per month!


For a free quote or more information: