Customer Service Ratings

Every month, PBSI tracks and publishes customer service ratings.  Month-after-month, year-after-year, for 10+ years PBSI has maintained a consistent rating of 95% or better for all tracked categories:

  • Customer Satisfaction
  • % Calls answered “Live”
  • Service Effectiveness – Did we complete the job?
  • Timeliness – Did we respond when promised?
  • Courtesy & Professionalism


How is Quality Maintained?– How is a system created in which quality is delivered, month-after-month, year-after-year?

  • With each PBSI service call, each client is asked to respond to a short survey, with a spot for free-form Comments.  Every month, every call that month which generated a comment is accumulated, and published to every PBSI employee.  This is just one way in which PBSI has created and successfully maintains a culture of rewarding excellent customer service.  PBSI’s mission of “Helping Clients Achieve Success” is not a 4-word-phrase – it is a way of behaving.


Client List – PBSI frequently publishes our entire client list with new proposals.  Why are we so confident in what clients will say?  Because we know the level of service they receive, and we know the kind of relationships PBSI maintains with clients.  PBSI has the best support team in the business.


Experience - Seventy percent of PBSI employees have been with PBSI for 10+ years.  The culture at PBSI, top-to-bottom; bottom-to-top, centers around excellence in customer service.  Experience Matters.  Caring matters.


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