IT Security & HIPAA

Effective Network Security is a Requirement – In today’s world of hackers, malware, spyware and spam, network security is not an option.  PBSI has years of experience in protecting networks, using advanced tools to establish security, and using online monitoring tools that provide real-time alerts to active security threats.  PBSI provides security at all six levels, and monitors results to insure security plans are working.


6 Foundations of IT Security

  • Perimeter Security – Current technology firewalls – set to “run silent”
  • Perimeter Security 2 – Software protecting your firewall with real-time antivirus and antispam and malware protection
  • Desktop Security – Antivirus, and malware protection, set for real-time updates
  • Communications Security – Protecting wireless and internet communications with effective tools
  • User Education – Networks are most frequently “broken” from within, by PC users who simply make security mistakes – PBSI can help.
  • Online Monitoring – Once your security is in place, is it working?  Would you know?  PBSI will know, and we’ll protect you!


HIPAA – PBSI is an expert in HIPAA requirements, with hundreds of clients where PBSI helps protect ePHI (electronic Protected Health Information), and insure that clients maintain effective and up-to-date security.