What’s Different about PBSI?

IT Services - Online or Onsite – Need cost-effective, available and proactive IT support?  PBSI provides technology solutions that help clients improve operations with smart application of latest technology.  Clients trust PBSI.  …making IT support simple, fast and reliable - OH, KY & IN.


Why choose PBSI for IT Services, regardless of what software you use:

  • If you’re tired of services that are unresponsive, inconsistent, slow or expensive, find out why PBSI clients rave about PBSI support!


10 Promises you’ll receive from PBSI

  • We’ll make it easy for you to contact support, and always respond within 15-30 minutes
  • PBSI Response Guarantee - We’ll resolve quickly,… not just “respond” quickly
  • PBSI Value Guarantee - We’ll write off any bill you don’t think is fair
  • Service Scheduling and Dispatching – We’ll do what we promise, and call if we can’t
  • We’ll monitor your network – 24x7 - hardware AND software – Customized Monitoring is critical
  • We’ll be straightforward and direct – No Geek-Speak
  • Long-Term Supportability – We’ll maintain complete and up-to-date documentation – for you!
  • We’ll stay active in R&D – We’ll evaluate new products, and recommend those we’ve tested
  • We will be Proactive – We will make recommendations
  • We’ll Take Responsibility  - NOT Make Excuses