Costing & Quality Assurance

CQA is a financial tool set that precisely calculates direct and indirect costs associated with each procedure and group of patients. CQA combines cost information with revenue and collection data to report the cost and profitability of various aspects of your practice – all available on a per-member monthly basis for managed care evaluation.

  • Compare the average cost of services for a patient population with the revenue/collections generated.
  • Exposes where poor reimbursement is discounting your services.
  • For each insurance plan, determine the total number of patients, visits, and utilization patterns.
  • Uncover actual dollars and percent for each plan.
  • Associates standard Medicare RVU's (Relative Value Units) for each procedure in your procedure file automatically.
  • Provides abundant analysis and utilization reporting.
  • Includes PBSI's Clinical Outcome Reporting module.