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Dragon® Medical - any EHR

Dragon(R) Medical Practice Edition 2 is Designed and Priced Exclusively for Independent Practices of 24 Physicians or Less!

This revolutionary speech-recognition software is the most widely used speech solution for physicians. Dragon® Medical Speech Recognition is the go-to speech recognition solution for more than 10,000 healthcare facilities and 500,000 physicians worldwide.


Highly Accurate Clinical Speech Recognition from Word One


Fast and accurate

The clinical narrative
is updated in
real time



Supports HIPAA
patient confidentiality


Reduce transcription cost

The software easily creates digital
documentation that is
99% accurate


"Dragon® Medical is my single favorite tech product - across all hardware or software products. And with 30 years in healthcare technology, that's a strong statement. Dragon works 100% of the time."

Ray Cool, CEO PBSI Technology Solutions

Call or email for excellent pricing and experienced professional services to assist clinicians in using all the features of Dragon® Medical.

Reduce documentation time and increase quality of progress notes. (800) 626-2306 or dragon.medical@pbsinet.com

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