Electronic Claims

Benefits of electronic claims are many: No more printing, no stuffing envelopes, no more mailing, and no waiting weeks to receive payment.

 Electronic claims


Expedites claim submissions and utlimately, claim receipts



  • Faster payment – From the date of claims transmission, most insurance carriers pay within two weeks or less.

  • Fewer rejections – Eliminate the possibility of human error (commonly a significant cause of claim rejections).

  • Reduced expenses – Lower expense for postage, forms, envelopes, printing, and labor costs.

  • Improved A/R – E. claims reduce the number of days to receive payment from the insurance carrier and speeds up your cash flow.

Expedite claims submission and accelerate payments to your practice. Every claim runs through an initial editing process, alerting you to billing errors before the claim ever reaches the insurance carrier. You receive an electronic reception report, a detailed error report, and a payer confirmation report.