Electronic Remittance

Automatically posts insurance EOB payments and disallowed amounts into your PBSI–DOC practice management software.


Eliminates manual keying of data and the inherent delays and errors associated with data entry.


Receiving payer remittances electronically rather thanhaving to wait for mail delivery of paper EOB's - that then requires manually posting into your system andmanual filing - results in a faster turnaround for your practice Accounts Receivable.

  • Custom editing features that handle payment amounts, errors, and denials to your specifications.
  • Auto-load Medicare physician fee schedules, allowed amounts.
  • Auto-placement of secondary insurance forms into secondary insurance files with generated copies of the EOB.
  • Electronic deposit of insurance payments into your practice bank account (optional feature).




"What used to take 2–3 hours to manually post Medicare payments now takes about 10 minutes using Electronic Remittance. I would never want to go back to posting Medicare checks by hand. Electronic Remittance is simple to use and does not take long to learn at all."  –Pulmonary Medicine of Dayton