Lab & Other Interfaces

Labs – Continuous Bridge and HL7 Interfaces

Eliminate duplicate entry of patient demographics for your lab service. PBSI can collaborate with a lab of your choice, setting up an HL7 messaging connection to provide continuous updates to your lab for all new registrations, and auto-updating all registration changes.


For EHR users, HL7 connections can extend to receiving Lab Results directly into your EHR, populated directly into reportable tables, and when “normal” are provided by the lab, your EHR will automatically flag abnormal results.


Growing list a lab partners (check with PBSI about your lab – the list of interfaces grows regularly.  Partners include:

  • Lab Corp
  • Quest
  • Lab One
  • Bioreference Lab
  • Hardin Memorial Hospital Lab (check with PBSI for hospitals that have been added)
  • PAML – Pathology Associated Medical Lab
  • Others, by request – we’re frequently adding!

Other Clinical Partners
PBSI has a growing network of health care partners with whom you can exchange secure HIPAA-compliant data.


Is your partner connected? Ask us.