PBSI Training – EHR Implementation

Why do PBSI–EHR clients “succeed” where other EHR's fail?
Choose software from the company that several hundred of your physician friends are all bragging about!
Have you seen PBSI–EHR Off the Charts! lately?

  • Software alone is not enough.
  • EHR implementation must consider human nature.
  • Clients succeed with partners who care.
  • 50% of failed EHR’s cite lack of adequate training as their #1 reason for failing.
  • PBSI’s trainers are there from start to finish providing 15-30 visits over 15-30 weeks.




"With every new system, change is hard and you just know it is not going to be easy. PBSI has been very supportive in making this transition smooth with their on-site training and customer phone support teams. There was not a question that PBSI’s team could not answer even if it took some research. Debbie Kinney, our PBSI-EHR trainer, has been very accessible and patient with us. Our practice is very appreciative PBSI has such a support staff that is available to help clients."
- Amy Bush, LPN, Dr. Damon Gatewood, MD, Campbellsburg, KY