PBSI Training – Ongoing Services

Training is not a One-Time Event – Over time, knowledge will atrophy – a basic principle of human nature.  A part of helping clients succeed, PBSI provides several ways to implement continuous improvement in knowledge and training.  Our mutual goal: Help you utilize all software features effectively to improve operations, increase profitability, and simplify access to information.


How does PBSI assist, after your software is implemented?
First priority - Accessible medical-office knowledge – When you call PBSI, support staff are highly weighted with Medical Office backgrounds: former clients, medical office managers, billing managers, and others who came from your world – PBSI employees who formerly worked in medical offices.


Ongoing Training– PBSI provides several ways to enhance YOUR ongoing knowledge:

  • Free Annual Onsite visits – A valuable part of PBSI’s Enhancements “Plus” program is a free annual on-site visit by a PBSI experienced trainer.  We'll answer questions, review your use of the system, and verify your understanding of various software features and reports that some clients may otherwise miss. These visits are beneficial in helping you make the best use of PBSI software, including new enhancements.
  • Free training for new managers – When a client has turnover in a key management role, PBSI proactively offers a free training session to the new manager, either onsite in your office, or at PBSI.  Doing this without charge may seem unusual, and it is, but we know that a manager who knows the software tools and reports that are available, client success will be greatly enhanced. 
  • Free scheduled classes – PBSI publishes a schedule a year in advance, where clients can send new staff members or long-term staff members to PBSI to receive free hands-on training for a variety of staff functions: Mangers, front desk, schedulers, billers, insurance payment posters, etc.
  • Free online resources – PBSI publishes a long list of FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) sheets inside of each client’s web portal.  FAQs are listed by topic, providing fast and access to a long list of “how-to” documents.
  • Free topical training webinars – PBSI regularly invites clients to participate in an ongoing series of topical, time-relevant training topics.  Goal: Get answers to questions without each client needing to duplicate research.  We’re here to help.
  • Available “custom” classes for staff – PBSI offers customized classes for individual clients on request.  PBSI can be a valuable resource in helping your entire office come together to learn existing procedures, develop new procedures, and enhance the knowledge of your entire team.  Always, our goal is to help clients succeed.