Surgery Scheduling

Manages your scheduling, inquiring, or changing of surgeries all from PBSI–DOC's patient ledger “single screen” entry. Eliminates going from screen-to-screen to complete your data entry of patient information and scheduling tasks.
Lessens frustration and takes away extra keystrokes.
  • One screen for pre-admission information.
  • Identify and never overlook scheduling a patient.
  • Quickly print a report of unscheduled surgery patients.
  • Provides easy inquiry of providers' surgery schedule, and hospital rounds.
  • Never miss billing a discharged patient. Quickly print a report to identify discharged patients whom you have not billed.
  • Convenient auto-printing surgery schedules for each physician.
  • Optional printing of 3 x 5 surgical cards.
  • Use built-in letter printing for referring physician & patient communications.
  • Single screen entry of pre-admission data.