What Clients are Saying

Discover why hundreds of clients have entrusted their future in a partnership with PBSI.


"You have top notch employees who give 100% in customer service – Thanks again!!!"

   - Mary Kay Eigel, Billling Manager,   Mt. Auburn Nephrology


"I saw you guys are on the Business Couriers' Top 25 list. Just wanted to drop a note and say congratulations and keep up the good work!  If you ever need a reference from one of your current clients we are here for that.  I think you guys provide great service at a fair price.  Thank you."

   - Ron Kirsch Jr., Manager,   King Bag & Manufacturing Co.

"Dennis did a fabulous job of diagnosing our internet issues and fixed them in one day. Also, as always, the work was done neatly and as inconspicuously as possible. We have not had one problem or lapse in service since. I know if I call PBSI they will take care of the problem quickly and HONESTLY."  

- Patricia Demirjian,  Demirjian Neurology & Pain Management


"I just had to tell you how awesome I think PBSI is. Yesterday I met with my rep from Ky REC. Her comments "Your reports look great." She shared with me that she has other PBSI clients and they are all in good shape. Your training and customer support is second to none. I can't thank you and your staff enough for the excellent training and service we have received and continue to receive. Thank you."

   - Natalie Murrell,  Madison Pediatric Associates


"PBSI has enabled us to be much more efficient with our time. We were able to meet our goals in under three months which was ahead of schedule! People, like your trainers and support staff, is what set PBSI apart from the competition."

   - Tim Stevenson, Business Manager,  Helping Hands Pediatrics, Ashville, OH


"Please use me as a reference.  You guys are great to work with.  Also, I have an idea to increase your business.  Most MDs think you are able to only implement your own EMR.  If more find out from you that you can help them to implement and support locally any EMR they choose you can pick up more practices like us.  You can take the "we sell the best and service the rest approach".   I honestly wish we had found you earlier in our process."

   - Sherif G. Awadalla, M.D., Medical Director,   Institute for Reproductive Health


"Thank you so much for helping us in getting our business back on track and you should know that it is in large part due to Ginger's help.  Each of us thank you, your company, and the amazing team at PBSI."

   - Marty Berry, General Manager,    Industrial Paint & Supply Inc.


"Brad is awesome!  As usual, with PBSI's employees!"

   - Susan Wells, Manager,   Wells Plastic Surgery Associates


"Dennis epitomizes the professionalism, courtesy and quality that PBSI consistently delivers to its customers.  Thanks, Dennis!"

   - Mike Glasser, Greater Cincinnati Digestive Health Network


"Darrin is great!  He is always helpful, and I appreciate how he makes a stressful situation work out.  Thank you."

   - Kim Wells,  Urology Group


"As always, Kevin goes above and beyond with all aspects of service.  He is always patient, courteous, and makes sure everything is understood and works properly.  A real asset to PBSI, as are all employees."

   - Karen Vinup, Office Manager,   Montgomery Professional Associates


"Brad is the best!  He wasn't even here for a printer problem, but took the time to help us.  He always has a smile on his face, and is very polite.  Brad is always willing to help!"

   - Kate, Diane, Tara & Michele,   Head & Neck Surgery Associates


"I just wanted you to know how grateful I am for your staff at PBSI.  In assisting with our contract renewals with Cincinnati Bell, Brittany was so kind, patient and knowledgeable.  She took the time to carefully explain all of our phone lines in a way that was easy to understand.  Thank you."

   - Sheri Lawson, Executive Director,  Healthy Beginnings


"Dennis & Keith are AWESOME!"

   - Vicki DeAtley, Manager,  Neurosurgical Care


"Comparatively speaking, we are a relatively small business.  It’s quite refreshing that through all our encounters with PBSI we still feel 'important'.  Thank you!"

   - Tammie Schuesler, Manager,  West Chester Pediatrics


"Dennis is awesome!"       

   - Tonya Morgan, Billing Manager,   Dayton Orthopedic & Sports Medicine


"Dennis is the best!  Always does a great job, and is courteous to all of us!"

   - Janet Morris, Manager,   Internal Medicine of Clinton County


"Kevin is great at what he does.  Always explains things well!"

   - Chris Fisk, Manager,   Acculube, Inc.


"Always excellent service!  Darrin is very knowledgeable."

   - Laura Graman, Manager,   Cincinnati Dermatology, Inc.


"Dennis is always great.  The attention and care I get is wonderful from all the hardware guys."

   - Vicki DeAtley, Manager,   Neurosurgical Care


"Brad was hands down the nicest man I've ever met.  He was knowledgeable, helpful & friendly.  We couldn't be happier with our decision to go with PBSI.  You have been amazing.  Thank you."

   - Amanda Shedden, Manager,  Whitaker & Whitaker, Attorneys


"Over many years, we have seen PBSI consistently provide great customer service with a very cooperative, forward-thinking staff. PBSI lays a planned, positive track for the practices they serve, which is directly related to their clients' consistent success. That has made PBSI a great business partner for ECP and for every client. After more than a decade of working closely with PBSI, our relationship continues to get stronger every year. PBSI truly believes in and strives for win-win partnerships, and it shows. Thanks for the great relationship."

   - Jeff Rinear, President ECP


"I wanted to let you know what a wonderful software support team you have! Their knowledge of the system and how it works is impressive. They are always a pleasure to talk to and are very positive on any problem presented."

   -Lou Fyock, Shipping & Warehouse Mgr.,     Cincinnati Metals Co. Inc.


"I want to let you know of the excellent customer service provided by one of your software support people.  I was especially impressed by the professionalism, willingness, and ability to tackle a mostly hardware issue They started with an angry customer and worked diligently until it ended with a happy customer.  Thank you!"

   -Todd Hammersmith, Manager,   Baleco International


"Your support teams have been top notch in their problem solving and training. I have been especially impressed with your adding software personnel who have had experience using the software in an actual manufacturing atmosphere."

   - Vickie Schumacher, Controller,     Vulcan Tool Corp.


"I cannot say enough great things about your company!  Brad & Darrin really went the extra mile for us.  Thank you!  Thank you!  Thank you!"

   - James R. Hawkins, M.D.