What Medical Clients Are Saying

Discover why hundreds of physicians have entrusted their future in a partnership with PBSI.


"I wanted to let you know that the physicians, myself and all the staff here at CEIM are VERY impressed with Mark and his customer service!! Mark has assisted us with very simple solutions to very complicated items, and yet remains calm and pleasant with each phone call!! All the PBSI staff is super helpful and pleasant to work with, and we are very happy with their service! However, when a super-star shines, such as Mark, I want to make sure that doesn't go unnoticed! "

   - Niki Conrad, Office Manager - Columbus East Internal Medicine


"You have top notch employees who give 100% in customer service – Thanks again!!!"

   - Mary Kay Eigel, Billling Manager,   Mt. Auburn Nephrology


"Kudos to your staff! I wanted to let you know the positive experience I have had with your staff. Teresa, Kathy, and Debbie have been working very hard on the interfacing project and Kathy has also been a HUGE help with getting us on our feet with meaningful use. Janet was also GREAT! I have learned so much from her visit. And Donna is always helping me as well with templates and odd and ends. Mandy, Dennis, Ryan, Darrin, and Mark have also been a help too. Please know you have a great staff! They have earned their pay with all the projects we have had this past couple of months!!! They don't hesitate to work extra from home to complete a task! Thanks again!"

   - Megan Jean, Manager - Premier Women's Health OB/GYN


"I just had to tell you how awesome I think PBSI is. Yesterday I met with my rep from Ky REC. Her comments "Your reports look great." She shared with me that she has other PBSI clients and they are all in good shape. Your training and customer support is second to none. I can't thank you and your staff enough for the excellent training and service we have received and continue to receive. This EHR process has truly been a journey. I know without a doubt we picked the best company to take it with. Thank you."

   - Natalie Murrell - Madison Pediatric Associates


"PBSI has been very supportive in making this transition smooth with their on-site training and customer phone support teams. There was not a question that PBSI's team could not answer even if it took some research. Our practice is very appreciative PBSI has such a support staff that is available to help clients."

   - Amy Bush, L.P.N. - Damon Gatewood, M.D.


"PBSI has enabled us to be much more efficient with our time. In a little over two months using PBSI-EHR, we have done away with all dictation and are chartless. This is ahead of my goal of three months. People, like your trainers and support staff, is what set PBSI apart from the competition."

   - Tim Stevenson, Business Manager - Helping Hands Pediatrics, Ashville, OH


Please use me as a reference.  You guys are great to work with.  Also I have an idea to increase your business.  Most MDs think you are able to only implement your own EMR.  If more find out from you that you can help them to implement and support locally any EMR they choose you can pick up more practices like us.  You can take the "we sell the best and service the rest approach".   I honestly wish we had found you earlier in our process.

   - Sherif G. Awadalla, M.D., Medical Director,    Institute for Reproductive Health


"I just wanted you to know that I would never have made it through meaningful use without the help of your staff, especially Janet and Kathy! They kept nudging me to get on board & finally we did. Thank you so much for offering this help to your clients."

   - Genny Morgan, Hilgeford, Morgan, & Haney, MDs


"I have tried to mirror my company to yours and if in 10 years I am able to build a company with just half the integrity and knowledge of PBSI, I would have achieved great success. To sum it all up in one word: PERFECTION!"

   - January Taylor-Mills - Metro Medical Solutions


"I just wanted to give a great big praise to Ron and Mark from software support on solving a big problem I was having with statements going to my printer. A great and persistent effort got it resolved and once again proved how great and awesome PBSI's team is in customer service. Thanks"

   - Kevin Moore, Business Manager, Herman C. Knoll MD Inc


"PBSI's design has eliminated redundant data entry and has allowed us to handle the workload without hiring more people. Appointment Scheduling is the best I've ever used - straight and to the point!"

   - Wendy Croghan, Office Manager   Edwin Carmouche, M.D.